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Another Performance Video by Grace

This is now the school’s annual dance performance song. One of Grace’s classmates is what’s making everyone turn their heads and why I’m shaking while trying to record this.

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Dazoo Staff

Here are a few of my staff members on our first day of opening Dazoo! This isn’t the full crew … just the ones that wanted in on the photo!

P.S. I made all the aprons 😉

2013-10-27 Dazoo Staff

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Dazoo Signage for Outside

I seriously was sweating while making this sign, with the help of my nanny, Emily. It took us 1.5 hours just to line things up properly and trying to figure out how to mark them since it’s a one-shot-only mirrored letters on sheet metal! After 2.5 hours laboring over this, we LOVE the results! The coolest part of all this is that from the road, the lights reflect off the mirrors so it has a flicker effect from the road. The reflection you see here in this photo is of my ceiling.

Dazoo Signage copy

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Grace’s School Assembly 102513 Candy Man

Check out Grace’s performance with her 1st grade class!


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New Dazoo T-Shirts

Here’s my family posing on the deck with their new t-shirts from Dazoo!! Check out John’s expressions!

Dazoo Korean Family2013-10-18

Korean Dazoo Family 10182013

Korean Dazoo Family 3

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Grace’s Water Related Paintings

2013-10-02 16.46.14 copy

2013-10-03 Mermaid

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More Artwork from Grace

As I was cleaning up the house today, I discovered these around the house.

Wolf.48 copy

2013-09-26 Mermaid

2013-09-26 09 Dragon

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Dazoo Aprons

I got some animal prints for the new apron that I will make for my servers. Here’s a sample of my 1st one. The other print will arrive next week and David’s already nixed my giraffe print as it doessn’t have any black and that we should keep it uniformed. Please don’t zoom in on my errors!

I was on my last leg of the binding portion but my machine started going a bit wonky and by this time I did not have lunch and needed to get out to pick up the two kids.

I think it will go great with our new t-shirts! Rrrawwhhhh!

Dazoo Apron Zebra

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KorScot Patches

In honor of my weekend retreat, I have dedicated today’s sewing project to them. I’m super excited to be working on my sewing projects (aprons for restaurant and a poncho for Grace). Since our new name has been disclosed, I’m making some animal print aprons for the front of the staff and for a few back of the house ladies as well. But to get my feet wet again, I wanted to decorate John’s green lunch bag with a few patches I bought online.

Here’s the original bag which is quite plain:
plain lunchbag

Then one side to represent his Scottish heritage:
Scot flag lunch

And the other to represent the Korean in him:
Kor Flag Lunch

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Return from my Geek-Out Weekend Getaway

I just returned from a whirlwind of a weekend out in Salt Lake City, Utah! It was for the Sewing Summit where 250 sewing/quilting/crafting enthusiasts all gather to learn tricks of the trade, learn to blog about their business and learn how some of the successful individuals actually became successful with their hobby! I ended up taking a lot of lecture courses (branding, blogging, html, and starting up your own business) more than the hands-on courses. I even left my little sewing machine behind, packed up just one small suitcase and my electronic gadgets. It was incredibly fun meeting about 250 ladies and learning about the endless possibilities of a crafting-type business. My two hands-on workshops were Drafting your own skirt and Hand Printing on Fabrics.

Here’s an eraser that I carved out to design my new restaurant logo: dazoo.

dazoo stamp

The eraser was not a good one, but it still turned out alright. I will invest in some better and larger erasers if I want to play around with this. As for my skirt pattern, we ran out of time and I will have to work on it some more on my own free time.

Overall, it was a great experience and I enjoyed my little time away from Maui. I also got to read a great novel (which I usually don’t have time for these days). It’s called “Songs of Willow Frost” by Jamie Ford. He wrote “Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet”. I cried like a baby on my flight home!!!

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